A beautiful love story

 Even if the path you choose for your life is the right one at the moment, things can go awry, and this book reminds us that the lessons learned can take us back to where we should be if we're fearless enough to fly ... 

About the Author


 I loved American Nomad, the author takes you on a journey across America through the eyes of a young boy. This honest portrayal of life is a breath of fresh air, it makes me remember what it was like to be a child. Definitely worth reading!

Captivating, mesmerizing, absolutely amazing!

The characters in this story captured my heart and stirred emotions in me long forgotten as I traveled with them on their journey to rediscovery of each other. This is the best love story I have read in a long time!

Frank Pickard lives in Tucson Arizona with his wife and greyhound/shepherd mix. To date, Frank has published five novels, a textbook and is developing two other works of fiction.  His most recent novel is LUNA.  Currently, he's working on the sequel, SONGS FOR THE SOUL.  Someday he also hopes to publish THE HAOLE, the third installment in the 'AMERICAN NOMAD' memoir series.  Future publications include THE SURROGATE, a second horror novel titled VERITAS, and a lovely story of five elderly women who return to college titled, THE OMEGA SISTERS.  Frank has worked in higher education as an administrator and professor for nearly thirty years. 

Frank pickard

My favorite book so far this year!

 The characters are rich with description and you become emotionally attached to both Max and Erica, hoping for the happy ending they deserve. This book was hard to put down. It grabs you from the very first  chapter ...



Frank Pickard writes another incredible story based on true events ... I enjoyed the adventures of this military child growing up in Hawaii.  Delightful humor, heartbreaking family turmoil, a passion to accomplish greatness, and success in rising above childhood difficulties.  A powerful story, insightful, and absolutely amazing!  I loved this novel from start to finish!  I highly recommend it! 

          Frank is particularly fond of his many vacations over the years with his family on the West Coast of Maui where his brother, Charlie, a principle character in AMERICAN NOMAD and ISLAND JEWEL, attended Lahainaluna Technical boarding school in the early-to-mid 1960's.  His memories from these visits to Lahaina with his family are some of the most precious to him.

​         This picture was taken on Maui.  Behind him is Pu'u Keka'a, or Black Rock, mentioned in LUNA.

Everyone should read this book!

This was a wonderful journey for the reader ... Seeing the world through Jewel's eyes was enchanting, and you feel as though you are right there in the back seat of that Nomad beside him. A great read, and the imagery was absolutely beautiful. I highly recommend this book.

American Author

A blast from the past

This book brought back all sorts of memories ... and the story was enthralling. I laughed and cried, and I almost didn't want it to end.​

Dr. Pickard received his undergraduate and graduate degrees from New Mexico State University and his MFA and PhD from the University of Arizona.  He's an avid journal writer and frequents his favorite university hangouts where he enjoys meeting with students, family and friends.  He enjoys vacations with his family nearly every year on the west coast of Maui.  Frank and his wife are the very proud parents of two terrific children and three grandchildren, Grayson, Isla and Emmett.​​

True Literature

The Weight of Gravity is a beautifully honest picture of life and love. The reader is captured in the first chapter and not released until the last word. The author has an understanding of people that comes through in these characters and writes in a way that will appeal to those who love good literature. Easily the best work of fiction I've read in years, prepare yourself to be charmed!